Off to Norway…

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Posting will be on hiatus for a couple of weeks as we head off to Norway on vacation. We will be visiting Oslo, then taking the Norway in a nutshell tour from fjord Tours. This tour takes us by train to Bergen, where we have a airbnb place for five nights. This is followed by a night in Voss, a cruise on a fjord, and a night 820 metres above sea level, at Myrdal, staying at a mountain resort – Vatnahalsen Høyfjellshotell. More importantly for train buffs like me is riding the scenic Bergen Railway, and the Flåm Railway. I will be blogging this adventure when I get back home, although I might post progress on the trip on Instagram.

Vacationing in Copenhagen (vii) – the boat cruise

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One activity worth doing whilst in Copenhagen is one of the boat cruises. There are a few cruises, and they cruise around Copenhagen’s many canals. We took The Grand Tour. It’s the best way to see parts of the city that you wouldn’t see walking about. Here is the waterfront view of the Danish Architecture Centre.

The spectacular Copenhagen Opera House.

This classic building use to house Copenhagen’s famous NOMA restaurant (you can see the experimental food lab floating to the right of the building). NOMA will open in another location sometime in 2017.




Montreal markets – Marché Des Saveurs Du Québec

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food / food market / travel

One of my favourite stores in Jean Talon market is Marché Des Saveurs Du Québec. It has products from all over Quebec, and is a must stop if you are at the market. They have a great selection of Quebec cheese…

smoked fish and meats…

an excellent selection of maple syrup products in every imaginable form…

boutique yogourts, like those from Ferme Vallée Verte, situated in Saint-Jean-de-Matha…

and craft beers…



T-shirts : Made in Canada

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clothing / Made in Canada

I’m always on the lookout for Canadian made products, and it’s even more fantastic when it’s Canadian made clothing. Tucked away in the west end of Toronto on Queen Street West is a small store called North Standard. They have a great Canadian made clothing line, some of which is made right here in Toronto.

I have also created a new page “Made in Canada”, to list companies with Canadian made products!