Month: March 2015

Visiting Montreal

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We head off to Montreal at least twice a year.Montreal sits on an island at the convergence of the Ottawa and Saint Lawrence rivers. We often take the VIA train – it’s 4½-odd hours – but honestly there is no better way of travelling from Toronto to Montreal, passing through the fields of south-eastern Ontario and Quebec. The train arrives into Gare Central, or central station – which is near many hotels, and a short walk underground […]

A quick trip to Kansas City

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food / travel

A  couple of weeks ago I went on a quick trip to Kansas City for a conference. I had never been to that region of the mid-west, and had expected a somewhat flatter landscape, so was pleasantly surprised by the undulating hills. What I particularly like about the city is its art-deco heritage, and the fact that they have preserved or restored many of those older buildings, the most prominent of which is the Kansas City Power and Light Building. […]

Fondue is the sum of its parts

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cooking / food

A fondue is a no more than cheese heated with wine. The cheese, which is essentially water insoluble fat, is melted in the wine, i.e. water, to form an emulsion – microscopic droplets of fat in a water solution. Melting cheese is a two-phase process. Firstly, fat molecules move from solid to liquid – this happens at about 90ºF (32ºC). This sometimes results in beads of melted fat “sweated out” onto the surface of the cheese. […]