Month: January 2016

Swiss Pflaumenwähe – plum tart

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dessert / food / Swiss food

There is classic Swiss dish that we used to eat on a Friday night during stone fruit season – the wähe, or tart. The classic form of this sweet tart is made with plums, and specifically Zwetschgen, or dark purple prune plums. A wähe is made using puff-pastry, fruit such as plums, apricots, or apples, and a custard-like filling. Ingredients 500-600g plums 450g puff pastry 60g ground almonds 30g breadcrumbs 2 eggs 150ml cream 2 tbsp sugar 1 tsp […]

A note on baking times

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baking / cooking / food

One of the biggest issues with baking from a cookbook is baking times. Baking is somewhat of an exact science, so bakers are often convinced that they must follow the baking times exactly. But the problem with baking times is that they differ from place to place, and appliance to appliance, so its often impossible to use the exact time given in a recipe. For example, let’s consider elevation. The biscuit cookbook I use works on the basis that […]