Month: February 2016

Guinness stew

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Winter, such as we have had it in Ontario this year, is the time for stew. This is a classic stew that I have been making for over ten years. The number one, ingredient is of course the most magical of stout beers: Guinness. Now I have also made this stew using Russian Gun Imperial Stout, from Grand River Brewing, and it turned out great too, so you don’t have to limit yourself to Guinness, but it should […]

Best beef for stew

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What kind of meat to use for stew? Firstly I could tell you what kind not to use. Don’t use the kind they sell in many grocery stores – sometimes prepackaged and often far too lean. Lean meat means it will take hours to become tender. Buying pre-cubed beef is a crap-shoot: you might end-up with a really tender stew, OR (more likely the case) after 3-4 hours of stewing the meat will still be tough. […]