Brazilian avocado’s

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Spring heralds the start of avocado season. Most avocados available in the store are Hass avocado’s. They’re okay, but they do seem boring after a while. Almost like always eating the same type of pasta. Now there are probably around 500 varieties of avocados out there. Now Hass are the only avocado grown year-round, and have a high oil content, and a creamy texture. The larger, greener avocado with the smooth skin, and could be Costeno variety? It’s quite hard to figure out exactly what is what.

The difference between the two is apparent in the size, but also in how they ripen. The Hass avocado gradually becomes darker as it ripens, which is not necessarily the case with the Brazilian one. The softness test does work. Cutting the avocado open yields a pale-yellow-green interior with an almost heart-shaped stone. The flesh is light, low-fat, mild and kind of fruity. It doesn’t do so well in guacamole, maybe because of its low fat? But supposedly it is great for sweet dishes, including smoothies.

Stay tuned…

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