Vacationing in Copenhagen (ii) – things to see

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Copenhagen abounds in sights to see. Just walking around time is a great experience. Note that in the summer months there are a *lot* of tourists. Not surprising, its a popular city to visit. Below is a view from Amagertorv, described as “the most central square in central Copenhagen”, looking towards the Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center (in a converted church). This square is very popular.

A great place to start is in the centre of Copenhagen at the Rundetaarn, or The Round Tower. Completed in 1642, the tower which was built by Christian IV as an astronomical observatory. It is Europe’s oldest working obervatory.


It has a very unique spiral ramp which leads to the top of the tower, which has a height of 114 feet (34.8m). The ramp is 686ft is length, and turns 7½ times around the central core of the tower. Built so that a cart could make its way up the tower to the library near the top.


The spiral ramp inside the Round Tower

From the top you are provided with exceptional 360° views of Copenhagen. Looking out you will see a skyline full of towers and church spires.

Architecture in Copenhagen is varied and exceptional. Below is Copenhagen Cathedral Vor Frue Kirke, a short walk from the Round Tower.

Nyhavn is a 17th-century waterfront lined by brightly coloured townhouses. Home to numerous small boats, it is somewhat of a tourist

Copenhagen is also great from a shopping perspective, with large design stores like Illums Bolighus, HAY, or smaller places like Blindes Arbejde. (where they sell home products like exceptional brushes made by blind and visually impaired makers).






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