Month: November 2017

An afternoon in Montreal (Nov.2017)

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Montreal / restaurant / travel

Took the train to Montreal for a few days, partially to do some photography for my book on digital image photography. First day I had some time to kill before dinner, so I dropped by Rowntree Antiques near Atwater Market. A huge selection (like huge) of pine antiques, mostly from Eastern Europe. Fantastically restored, many with intricate dovetail joints. Also lots of vintage linen, often used to make flour bags in days past. Wish I […]

Raspberry jam

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fruit / preserving

Jams can be extremely simple. They don’t *need* things like powdered or liquid pectin. Instead how about using a Granny Smith apple, which are loaded with pectin. Here is a simple recipe for raspberry jam made from garden raspberries. Ingredients: 2 lbs raspberries 3 cups sugar 1 Granny Smith apple (shredded) 1 tbsp. lemon juice Put all the ingredients in a heavy pot, and bring to a boil. Continue cooking, skimming the foam off the […]

A fancy cake: Sacher Torte

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baking / cake

For my daughters 16th birthday I made a cake, not for her per se (she wanted a box cake). But I thought why not try something fancy?  I don’t usually make fancy cakes, but I decided to make a Sacher Torte. I had always thought tortes were hard to make, but in reality this is not that tricky a cake. The original Sacher torte was invented in Austria, in 1832 as a dessert for a […]

Pears in fall

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I think pears are sometimes considered a “sidelined” fruit – with all the limelight is taken by “apples”. Maybe it’s because they are best when in season in the fall, and I don’t think they store that well in the fridge, whereas apples do. Most of the pears we see in grocery stores are the Bartlett cultivar, known elsewhere as Williams.  But, there are other fantastic pears out there. d’Anjou, Bosc, Rocha, and Abate. Anjou […]