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Icelandic fiction: Butterflies in November

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When in Iceland, I bought a book from Icelandic author Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir, The Greenhouse, the first of her books translated to English (by Brian FitzGibbon), and chronicles a story of love, death, fatherhood, and creating meaning in life. Recently I read the second of her translated books (actually written earlier than The Greenhouse), Butterflies in November. This story is narrated by a thirty-something Icelandic woman at a cross-roads in her life (we never learn her name). She has a […]

A *great* choc-chip cookie book

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There are lots of recipes for chocolate chip cookies. There are few books dedicated just to chocolate-chip cookies. My daughter received this book, “Chocolate Chip Cookies: Dozens of Recipes for Reinterpreted Favorites“, written by Carey Jones, and Robyn Lenzi and photographed by Antonis Achilleos (Chronicle Books). I have been baking cookies from the book for the past six months. Normally when a recipe makes a claim about being “soft” or “chewy”, one has to take this […]