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Cooking with juniper berries

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Some preserving (like pickles), meat dishes such as stews (e.g. game dishes like rabbit), and of course gin, use juniper berries as an ingredient. But what are they? Not a herb, not really a spice, and not actually a berry, juniper berries are the female cone of the juniper, which is a conifer. Its use can be found extensively in Northern European cuisine – Sweden Norway, Germany (e.g. Sauerbraten), Austria, and Hungary. I buy my […]

Making gravlax – salt-and-sugar cured salmon

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Gravlax is a way of curing salmon which involves sugar-and-salt often infused with fresh dill or other aromatics and spices, such as juniper berries. Gravlax is not the same as cold-smoked salmon, its traditions lie in an age-old method of preserving salmon which involves burying it until it becomes fermented. The word gravlax has two components, grav and lax, the former relates to the Scandinavian word for “to dig“, the latter means salmon. Nowadays of […]

What is brown cheese?

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One of the weirdest foods we encountered in Norway was brunost, or brown cheese. It’s not a type of cheese I have seen anywhere else, but is common in Nordic countries (a clay pot with cheese burned to its base was found in Jutland, Denmark in 2016 suggesting it existed as long ago as 3000 years ago).  It is made by using low heat for several hours to cook whey (and milk, and cream) until […]

Montreal markets – Marché Des Saveurs Du Québec

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One of my favourite stores in Jean Talon market is Marché Des Saveurs Du Québec. It has products from all over Quebec, and is a must stop if you are at the market. They have a great selection of Quebec cheese… smoked fish and meats… an excellent selection of maple syrup products in every imaginable form… boutique yogourts, like those from Ferme Vallée Verte, situated in Saint-Jean-de-Matha… and craft beers…    

Danish fish cakes

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It’s summertime, so maybe some fish cakes? Specifically I made these Danish fishcakes, which have coarser pieces of fish, from a recipe I modified slightly from that epitome of Nordic fare, The Nordic Cook Book. I used haddock for this recipe, but cod, some other white fish, or salmon would work too. INGREDIENTS 500g white fish, coarsely chopped 2 tbsp flour, or potato starch 2 tbsp breadcrumbs ½ cup cream 1 egg 1 sweet onion, […]

Brazilian avocado’s

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Spring heralds the start of avocado season. Most avocados available in the store are Hass avocado’s. They’re okay, but they do seem boring after a while. Almost like always eating the same type of pasta. Now there are probably around 500 varieties of avocados out there. Now Hass are the only avocado grown year-round, and have a high oil content, and a creamy texture. The larger, greener avocado with the smooth skin, and could be […]

Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market

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While Montreal has Jean Talon, and Atwater markets, Toronto has the St. Lawrence Market. If you are visiting Toronto, then it is one of the places to visit, right downtown. Although it has existed since the early 1800s, the current building is from 1902. It is an exceptional market where you will find a multitude of butchers, fishmongers, cheese shops, and places to eat under one roof, however it does have one caveat – the farmers […]

A humble cabbage soup

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Often when you use the word “cabbage” as it relates to cooking, people cringe. You can feel the “ooooh yuck!”, in their facial expressions. But cabbage is one of those inherently winter ingredients. Cabbage soup of course can be quite a refined affair. INGREDIENTS olive oil ½ green cabbage, cored, and shredded ¾ cup white wine 2 large potatoes, chopped 2 brown onions, chopped 1 pinch nutmeg 1 smoked pork chop salt and pepper to […]

A hearty winter vegetable soup

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Winter seems to be waning slightly (I mean it is Feb.18th today, and 10°C outside) but I imagine it is just a ruse… although maybe the winter this year is truly everywhere else but here… snow seems to be pummelling Canada. In an attempt to add more vegetables to our diet, I am experimenting with new soups. This is an adaptation of an Icelandic soup, which would use oats instead of the wild rice. I have used […]