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Quince time

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food / fruit

With summer waning, it is time to harvest the fruit off my Japanese quince. Whilst my apple tree has produced nothing this year, my Japanese quince, which is less than 8 ft³ in size, has about 30 quinces on it. The thorns keep the critters at bay, but I like to pick them early. Quinces generally don’t ripen on the tree, and so the ideal time to pick them is when they turn from dark green to light […]

Vodka-infused strawberries

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dessert / fruit / preserving

Too many strawberries? Soak them in vodka. Basically this works for just about any berries, and just about any alcohol. It is the easiest form of preserving. Just wash, dry, and hull the strawberries (about a pounds worth), and then put them in a pint-size jar with about ½ cup sugar. Then I filled the jar with vodka (about 1 cup). What happens is quick strange. I sealed the jar, and then put it in a cool, dark […]