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A Norwegian apple cake – Eplekake

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The Eplekake is a classic Norwegian apple cake, ideal for the fall, when apples come into season. Eple is Norwegian for apple, and they seem to have a long history in Norway. In 1903 a well preserved Viking ship from circa AD 820 was found in Oseberg, Norway. The archeological finds included four highly decorated sleighs, a wooden cart, three beds and a bunch of wooden chests. Also included was a bucket made of yew, […]

Clementine biscuits

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These are shortbread like biscuits made with clementines, and patterned using a wooden roller. INGREDIENTS 350g all purpose flour ¾ tsp salt 250g cold unsalted butter 125g icing sugar zest 2 clementines 1 egg yolk 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 tsp milk 1. Mix the flour and salt into a large mixing bowl. Cut the butter into small pieces and combine with the flour by hand until the mixture has the consistency of crumbs. Alternatively, […]

Nordic gingerbread with orange zest

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Gingerbread biscuits seem to be a staple in Nordic countries, especially around Christmas time. They differ from Germanic gingerbreads in that they are much thinner, and often quite crisp. These biscuits are gingerbread with a hint of orange zest. It produces anywhere from 60-100 biscuits depending on the size of the cutters used. This is a super easy biscuit to make, and I have added it to the collection of Christmas biscuits that I bake. […]