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Scrumpalicious Scandinavian pickled cucumbers

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The art of preserving food may seem onerous to some people, but making pickles is not hard at all. Some pickles can be stored in the refrigerator instead of processing with a water bath are super easy to make. The downside is that they don’t last as long, but all the more reason to eat them sooner. One of the best pickling recipes I have tried recently is this recipe for Scandinavian style pickles – […]

A hearty winter vegetable soup

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Winter seems to be waning slightly (I mean it is Feb.18th today, and 10°C outside) but I imagine it is just a ruse… although maybe the winter this year is truly everywhere else but here… snow seems to be pummelling Canada. In an attempt to add more vegetables to our diet, I am experimenting with new soups. This is an adaptation of an Icelandic soup, which would use oats instead of the wild rice. I have used […]