Month: June 2017

Two cool Japanese products

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Dropped by a small Japanese product shop in the heart of Toronto called cubeshops. Lots of unique products from Japan, North America, and Europe, including coffee products from Japanese company Hario Glassware. I bought a few things, but two stand out. The first is PlaTawa, a polymer brush scrubber which can be used for cleaning drain baskets, colanders, cutting boards, and root vegetables. Seems like a cool idea, and its antibacterial as well. The second product […]

Danish fish cakes

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It’s summertime, so maybe some fish cakes? Specifically I made these Danish fishcakes, which have coarser pieces of fish, from a recipe I modified slightly from that epitome of Nordic fare, The Nordic Cook Book. I used haddock for this recipe, but cod, some other white fish, or salmon would work too. INGREDIENTS 500g white fish, coarsely chopped 2 tbsp flour, or potato starch 2 tbsp breadcrumbs ½ cup cream 1 egg 1 sweet onion, […]

Brazilian avocado’s

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Spring heralds the start of avocado season. Most avocados available in the store are Hass avocado’s. They’re okay, but they do seem boring after a while. Almost like always eating the same type of pasta. Now there are probably around 500 varieties of avocados out there. Now Hass are the only avocado grown year-round, and have a high oil content, and a creamy texture. The larger, greener avocado with the smooth skin, and could be […]